Summer 2013

MIT Building #10 Renovation:

E-Skylight, Inc is proud to be part of the MIT Great Dome Building #10 restoration project.

Originally designed in 1913, this skylight was blacked out during World War II to avoid enemy attack. Completely restored with patterned glass blocks in a stainless steel frame, protected by a specially designed additional skylight, this 32' historical diameter skylight once again allows natural light to shine through.

For more information, see MIT's Capital Project Page:

Yale Coxe Cage:

Built in 1928 and named after Charles Edmund Coxe, a hammer thrower for Yale in 1893, this facility had one of the largest skylights in the world.

This year, the 26,000 square foot skylight needed some renovation!

Check out the link below for photos on the progress.



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