E-Skylight, Inc.'s online estimating tool for unit skylights was introduced in 2000 and it continues to be the most innovative way to design and price custom skylights.

Give the estimating tool 10 minutes of your time, and we'll instantly provide complete submittal drawings, pricing and 3D views of your design, free of charge. It is the simplest and quickest way to price a high quality skylight, customized to your specifications.

Here's what you enter online with a simple step by step process:

            Shape:   Pyramid, polygon, hipped ridge, or ridge
            Dimensions:  From 4' to 100' long and 4' to 20' wide
            Pitch:  Any pitch between 15 degrees and 45 degrees
            Finish: Anodized (clear, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black)
            Paint (2 or 3 coat 70% Kynar - standard and custom colors).
            Glass: Clear, Low-e, Tints, Frits, etc.
            Assembly Method: Knockdown or Factory assembled and glazed.
                                      We can pre-assemble and glaze units up to 8' wide

Here's what we provide:

            Pricing, including freight.
            Submittals (8 1/1 x 11) complete with customized loading data
            An isometric view of the skylight.
            Customized AutoCAD details available for download
            Superb customer service - available by phone, fax, and email
            Experienced manufacturing team dedicated to producing a superior product

We also offer stamped submittals and calculations stamped by a Professional Engineer licensed in the state where the project is located.

Give our estimating tool. www.e-skylight.com

E-Skylight.com is so innovative that a company in Canada has and is attempting to imitate our website, design tools, and skylight system. So, don't be led astray and don't forget the 'dash' in our web address.

Whether you have a question about our product, need help pricing a skylight, or just want to talk to a live person, please call us at 866-624-3759. Fax us at 207-636-8004, email us at info@e-skylight.com.